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KORA | Learning Productivity Bundle


Information overload is a serious issue for your cognitive health. Hoarding knowledge doesn't make you smarter, only more stressed.

Our Learning Productivity Bundle has dedicated features to help you stay on top of things while saving time and energy each day:

- Automations to save exponential amounts of time

- Reminders for augmenting retention and train your memory

- Time blocking method to stay on track

- Books organization and stats

- Writing section to maximize output

- Zettelkasten-ready

- Generators to quickly add new knowledge bits to your database

- Table stats to fight information overload

What is a Resonance Calendar?

It is a database used to gather, organize, connect and activate your information digest and personal knowledge base.

The tool was conceptualized by Ali Abdaal: it periodically reminds you to elaborate and review the content you save, in order to keep it fresh, avoid hoarding and flatten you forgetting curve.

How will I receive the template?

After purchase, you will be redirected to a dedicated page, where you will be able to duplicate it to your own Notion workspace.

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KORA | Learning Productivity Bundle

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